Well, hello there. I don’t know how you got to be here, but I’m sure glad you did. Have. Fuck grammar this early on. Anyway. I have a tendency to talk to myself, sometimes the walls, and let me tell you—the walls can get exasperated when you ramble on and on. Let’s see. This is an online journal—okay, online journal is so 1999—fine, a blog—dedicated to reading. Well, mostly my reading. My books. My odd hours spent burning away with a book on my hands—all those dishes unwashed, all the work I should be doing withering away.

That said, an introduction must be made. You know who I am, yadda yadda. Come on. The internet’s not that big a place as people would want you to believe. I’ve left clues, I’m sloppy, and besides, anonymity isn’t of the utmost importance. So bah.

Why separate this book blog from my usual one? Well, one, because I want to; two, because it seems fitting. Also, for some reason, I think that the people who read me from usual bloggie over there will find it odd that I’m doing a book blog. I have no idea why I think this.

So. Blah and more blah.

Welcome. Cheers. Spread the word. The more people watching me go at this means the more people I have to face when I turn characteristically lazyass and stop updating.

To books.

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