book dump || BookSale Spelunking

Wednesday. The Boyfriend and I went to a mall late afternoon, when all was relatively quiet in the hospital. A much-needed break. In the mall, we went to two places—National Bookstore (which was packed with people doing their shopping, and I couldn’t really buy anything there, it was just so expensive at full price, haha) and BookSale.

BookSale is a mecca for booklovers out on a bargain, and it isn’t unusual to find books at ridiculously low prices, and good books at that. My trip was, again, serendipitous, going back to the hospital as I did with a ton of books I’d been looking for (since I read about them last week). It takes a lot of dirty work (and hand sanitizers afterward) to actually get these books. There’s a very minimal method to the madness. You really have to get on your hands and knees to get what you want, or find stuff that you didn’t realize you wanted. There’s something to be said about working for what you love.

I had read about Chronicles: Volume One by Bob Dylan, Little Children, by Tom Perrotta, and On Beauty by Zadie Smith from Nick Hornby’s reading books [yes, I still have that crush going on]—I’ve seen the Smith novel loads of times before, but never wanted to pick it up; I’m only a vague admirer (what?) of Dylan; and reading Tom Perrotta’s first page, I think I’d like it, haha. I’m sure I squealed when I found them. I have read White Oleander by Janet Fitch before, and consider it one of my favorites. However, two years ago, I lent it to a friend, and we sort of lost in touch, and I considered that I gave it away. It was priced PhP50 (about a dollar), so in my arms it went. When I saw The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler, I knew I was going to take it home—I’d seen it at full price over at National Bookstore, and it had been haunting me since I watched the movie (which I loved, considering I am far from a Jane Austen fan). The find of the century has got to be The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall—I knew about this book only when I signed up for the GLBT Challenge 2010, and I wanted to read it, considering how it pioneered an entire genre, but I had low expectations as to how to get my hands on the actual book. The university library didn’t have it on its shelves, and when I unearthed Hall from the shadows of the book dump, I think my heart stopped. Nothing like some giddy dorklove to get you through the day.

That was a kick-ass day in the BookSale, if I say so myself. Especially considering all those books, in very good condition—four of them hardbound—cost about eight dollars! Yay! Pat-pat on the back.

2 thoughts on “book dump || BookSale Spelunking

    1. I know! We were in PolSci class when you showed me your loot–the one with the Paul Auster poems. :) I thought of you when I found this, actually, haha.


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