book dump || BookSale Spelunking v.02

I am a happy girl. An unproductive day in Ayala Museum (nude model, watercolor, was late, messed it up). But The Boyfriend and I dropped by two BookSales on our way home. See, I never promised to not buy books. I just said I’d be more… (fuck, what’s the word?) picky (there’s a better word than picky, I swear).

  1. Shopgirl, by Steve Martin. I’ve been seeing this everywhere, but never wanted to buy it. It was 35 bucks (75 cents to ye dollar-carrying peeps), so I figured, why not?
  2. Blue Diary, by Alice Hoffman. She has her flaws, but she’s crazy-special to me (see item #03 of this post). It’s auto-buy. PhP35 too. I can’t even believe I don’t have this book yet.
  3. Special Topics in Calamity Physics, by Marisha Pessl. Had to buy. I aced HS Physics, FYI. Random, sorry. IT IS A COOL BOOK, AND I NEED TO READ IT, OKAY?
  4. Amy and Isabelle, by Elizabeth Strout. Didn’t much like Olive Kitteridge–that book switches from “Currently Reading” to “Abandoned” and back again, depending on my mood. But, why not? PhP35 too.

Well. All for 240 pesos. Wahoo. That’s about 5 dollars? Is my math right? Bah. Anyways, of course this wrecks my best-laid weekend plans: reading for school, since next week’s going to be pretty hectic. I’ll find a way. I will always find a way. Good God, I have to, that’s Alice Hoffman waiting for me there, okay?

8 thoughts on “book dump || BookSale Spelunking v.02

  1. Wow. Great finds! It’s posts like this that make me want to go to Book Sale despite my self-imposed no-visiting-Book-Sale-till-I-make-headway-on-my-TBR rule.

  2. @Ash – I’m reading Shopgirl right now. Liking it so far! And Olive Kitteridge and I have that odd relationship, so I feel your pain.

    @Honey – Thanks, haha. My own solution to Overwhelming TBR Syndrome is, well, be realistic and give away the books I know I won’t ever read. :p

    @Steph – NOOOOOO. Aherm. Haha, I have a loyalty to Practical Magic, it’s sexy and whimsical, with some good ol’ 90s angst thrown in. A recent book of hers that shook me was The Ice Queen, which is, I think, more literary than Practical Magic. Her language and her characters and how she manages to seep some much-needed magical realism in, well, suburbia just blows me away. :]

  3. I also bought Sticp from booksale, a hardbound issue for around php150 so if that’s a paperback and if you want to swap for my underlined (I found some passages too over-the-top pretentious, but maybe that’s just me or that was really how blue was) copy, I’d be more than glad to get the paperback copy instead. I couldn’t finish it and I’d rather lug around a lighter copy, hehe. Tell me what you think about it, read a lot of rave reviews, but I’m still making up my mind about how I feel about it, if you know what I mean :)

    1. This copy’s actually hardbound, but thanks for the offer. :) I’m very much excited to read it–but I’m reading Shopgirl at the moment (which I am loving). I don’t know, but I have a good feeling about this book, haha.

  4. Great finds, Sasha. I haven’t read that novel of Hoffman’s too, although I have read five of her other books. My favorites are Illumination Night and Blackbird House.

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