January 2010 Reads

And I just put the 22nd book read of the month back on the bedside table. I’ve been a busy bee. Here are my reads for the month of January [and I won’t bore you with little summaries of each. I’m redundant enough as it is]:

  1. The Fiction Class, by Susan Breen.
  2. Little Children, by Tom Perrotta.
  3. Dangerous Boys and Their Toy, by Shayla Black.
  4. Strong, Silent Type, by Lorelei James.
  5. To-Do List, by Lauren Dane.
  6. Ride A Cowboy, by Delilah Devlin.
  7. Shoulda Been A Cowboy, by Lorelei James.
  8. Chronicles: Volume One, by Bob Dylan.
  9. Shopgirl, by Steve Martin.
  10. Chance of a Lifetime, by Joey W. Hill.
  11. Paradise Rules, by Beth Kery.
  12. Too Wicked To Kiss, by Erica Ridley.
  13. Romeo For Hire, by Jane Beckenham.
  14. Written On The Body, by Jeanette Winterson.
  15. Retreat, by Mari Carr.
  16. Every Book Its Reader: The Power of the Written Word to Stir the World, by Nicholas A. Basbanes.
  17. Atmospheric Disturbances, by Rivka Galchen.
  18. The Gin Closet, by Leslie Jamison.
  19. Eternal On The Water, by Joseph Monninger.
  20. Love Letters of Great Men, edited by Ursula Doyle.
  21. Birds of America, by Lorrie Moore.
  22. Burning Down the House: Essays on Fiction, by Charles Baxter.

My favorite reads would have to be #16, #22 for nonfiction. #01, #09, #11, #19, #21. Debut authors whose work I’m excited about are #12, and #18. Anyhoo. On with February. Currently reading Young Hearts Crying, by Richard Yates. [To keep updated on my Books Read list, please head on over to my 2010 Reads page.]

7 thoughts on “January 2010 Reads

    1. Haha, I read fast. ;p But thanks–I’ve been over to your list as well. I want to read the Maureen Johnson book so bad, but they don’t stock the book in my country, :(


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