postscript || The Stone Diaries, by Carol Shields

Here’s a quote from The Stone Diariesby Carol Shields that I marked with a Post-it note. I didn’t copy it to my notebook, and thought I wouldn’t post it with the review. But, well, it deserves attention. It’s taken from the final chapter, and the language makes my heart pitter-patter. This is the best enumeration of anything, ever:

Flett, Daisy (nee Goodwill), who, due to historical accident, due to carelessness, due to ignorance, due to lack of opportunity and courage, never once in her many years of life experienced the excitement and challenge of oil painting, skiing, sailing, nude bathing, emerald jewelry, cigarettes, oral sex, pierced ears, Swedish clogs, water beds, science fiction, pornographic movies, religious ecstasy, truffles, Kirsch, jalapeno peppers, Peking duck, Vienna, Moscow Madrid, group therapy, body massage, hunger, distinguished honors, outraged condemnation, who never drove a car, never bought a lottery ticket, never, never (on the other hand) was struck on the face or body by another being, never once perched her reading glasses (with a sigh) in the crown of her hair, never (for fear of ridicule) investigated the possibilities of plastic surgery or yoga, never gave herself over to the kind of magazine article that tells you to be good to yourself, to believe in yourself and do things for yourself. Nor, though she knew she had been loved in her life, did she ever hear the words “I love you, Daisy” uttered aloud (such a simple phrase), and only during the long, thin, uneventful sleep that preceded her death did she have the wit (and leisure) to ponder the injustice of this.

Be right back, making a list!

9 thoughts on “postscript || The Stone Diaries, by Carol Shields

  1. Thanks for posting this: it really is just wonderful and makes me want to re-read The Stone Diaries even more now (as if your other posts weren’t tempting enough)!

  2. Fantastic quote, and love that you loved this book! (it’s been a while for me, so I can’t remember anything specific about it, just that I liked it)

    I’m also a huge fan of long, quirky lists. Check out the bathroom description in Salinger’s Franny and Zooey. It’s like, if you’re gonna go for it, then really go for it.

    1. Don’t worry, I know what you mean about loving books, but not remembering the specifics. You just know you love ’em, right? Haha, that’s partly why I take notes. :) And I haven’t read Franny and Zooey, but it’s on my To-Read list–will definitely keep my eyes peeled for that enumeration, so thanks. :]

  3. Hello sasha, this is franci(POTI), please i will like to ask you a few questions: The science and spirituality, how do they relate??


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