March 2010 Reads

By mid-March, I’d already dubbed it The Month of Meh. Mostly because I had high expectations going in some of the novels–Shriver and Krauss and Pessl and Blake and Niffenegger and Beattie and you get the picture–most of them disappointed me, for one reason or another. Or maybe I was just very difficult to please. Hah. There’s reading fatigue too, probably because I got a teensy obsessed with “salvaging” the reading month–I just didn’t read as much as I would have wanted: January yielded 22 reads, February had 23. That’s the OC in me asserting itself: it would’ve been cool if I had 24 reads this month, haha. Well. Anyhoo, here are this past month’s reads [links lead to posts]:

  1. A Perfectly Good Family, by Lionel Shriver.
  2. Man Walks Into a Room, by Nicole Krauss.
  3. Beyond Innocence, by Emma Holly.
  4. Beyond Seduction, by Emma Holly.
  5. And Falling, Fly, by Skyler White.
  6. The Highlander’s Sword, by Amanda Forester.
  7. The Postmistress, by Sarah Blake.
  8. Name All the Animals, by Alison Smith.
  9. Totally Killer, by Greg Olear.
  10. Special Topics in Calamity Physics, by Marisha Pessl.
  11. Where the Serpent Lives, by Ruth Padel.
  12. When You Went Away, by Michael Baron.
  13. Follies, by Ann Beattie.
  14. Conversion and Other Fictions, by Charlson Ong.
  15. The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger.
  16. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll; illustrations by Camille Rose Garcia.
  17. The Stone Diaries, by Carol Shields.
  18. Arabella, by Georgette Heyer.

Then again, it wasn’t all bad. :] My favorite reads would definitely be Carroll [#16] and Shields [#17]. Oh, and I posted my thoughts on After the Workshop by John McNally this month, because it was one of those really awesome books that required plenty of mull-it-over time, and I am mentioning it again because I want everyone to read it. Everyone. Also showed you guys what my Little Red Moley [my handy-dandy notebook for taking book thoughts] looks like, and so far the consensus is I have freakishly tiny handwriting. Ai-yah.

For this coming month: I’ve decided to call it Awesome April, whether it likes it or not. I’ve been making a list of things I want to read, and they’re books I have really good feelings about–some new releases, some have been languishing in my bookshelves for months and years. Plus, the 24-hour Readathon is coming up on the 10th, and that’s sure to assuage rabid dork tendencies. Really really really excited about April. Wee. Happy April, errybooty.

10 thoughts on “March 2010 Reads

  1. Sad that you didn’t enjoy a lot of these books, but I do admire your ability to constructively criticize book you didn’t like. It’s something I need to get a better grasp of! I feel so much more comfortable talking about books I loved.

    1. Sad, yes. It hurts me more than it does the books, I think, haha. There were definitely highlights, of course. For some reason, although like you I’m more comfortable raving about a book, it’s also difficult–how many variations of OMG THIS IS AWESOME could I possibly come up with? There’s some challenge in being critical–there’s a pressure to make your disappointment credible, I suppose?

      Thanks for continuing to drop by, and keeping me and my blog company. :]

  2. I’m sad you didn’t have a good month, especially since March was particularly good to me. I saw a copy of After the Workshop while I was shopping today and I thought of you. I also nudged my boyfriend and suggested I might want that…

    1. March was interesting in its Mehness. And yes, that sounds like I am making excuses for it, haha. Anyway, I’m quite stubborn now about making April Awesome. If only for the alliteration alone, :] Oh, let’s hope your boyfriend takes the hint, haha.

    1. I know; I’ve been lurking and seeing your posts on Sophie’s Choice — somehow, I just know I won’t be going near that book anytime soon. :)

  3. I hope April will bring all great books your way since March failed to do so. I actually haven’t read any of your March choices although The Stone Diaries has caught my eye and I’m glad you enjoyed that one. Here’s to an Awesome April!

    1. Thanks, Julie. Really looking forward to April. :] I hope that if you get around to reading The Stone Diaries, you enjoy it too. :) An Awesome April to you too!


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