“. . . long after words have left you silent in your chair”

Lemme give you a helping of AwesomeSauce:

[1] The Book Depository is now shipping to the Philippines. Dude. Also, be warned that I am now an affiliate because they make me happy, and I spent a chunk of this afternoon updating my wishlist, haha. When I post links to BD, and you buy something, I get a teeny commission, which means I’ll never go hungry again! Ahem. Nah, just sharing the lurve.

The Book Depository

[2] Carina is important to Sasha. And, she’s talented. Carina, that is. And Carina just put up an Etsy shop — the astronomical light, and among the goodies are pinback buttons from Looking for Alaska.  Yay!

[3] Some wonderful news from the writing world. And from awesome people: I’m very proud of you, guys, and very very happy. Like, Loopy-Woohoo kind of happy. Here’s to hugs, Mondays, abandon, and beer! [3.1] Poet Joel M. Toledo was awarded the Bellagio Italy Rockefeller Grant. This is cosmic, dude. [3.2] A verra good friend of mine, Rafael Antonio C. San Diego [Wappy!] won 2nd place in the Poetry in English category of this year’s Don Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature, for his poetry collection. This is a big fucking deal, and he’s a goddamned wonderful poet. And very very cuddly. Here, Universe, is a poem from the collection, my name in reverse:

The Study

The end always comes after closing the pages,
long after words have left you silent in your chair,
as if suddenly you are teleported into it, no longer

privy to the secrets of the young woman in the story,
the rest of her life now as fragile, as slender
as the plot will permit you to imagine.

And after that you stare at the shelf,
books of all modes of telling, aligned and leaning
on each other in a parade celebrated with dust,

keeping whole worlds to themselves. How grand,
you think, how useless. Because this
is the end; circumstance has led you back

into your study, a thimbleful of coffee waiting
for your satisfaction. But it never comes. Not even
as you riffle through the possibilities, that perhaps

the young woman would tell her pains to someone
other than you, even after last you left her
in her world, looking out a window.

[4] It’s the weekend! I am reading! Wee!

7 thoughts on ““. . . long after words have left you silent in your chair”

    1. It really was the highlight of my week. Which could be pathetic, if I really think about it, haha. Still trying to calm down before I actually buy something. As it is, there’s over a hundred items on my wishlist! Eep.

  1. Yay for The Book Dep! I’ll be shipping to my family soon.. this is wonderful news! Pats on the back to your friend. Love that poem.. miss Filipiniana poetry. The last collection I read was Benilda Santos’s, and that was 5 years ago. Sad.

    1. Hi, Claire. Isn’t it wonderful? I’m really trying to restrain myself with this one, haha. <3
      I think Ma'am Beni is coming out with a new collection. She's been working on it for years now, and she's giving readings of a handful of poems here and there.
      If you want a contemporary Fil lit care package — just tell me! :] I might even be able to get 'em signed for you.

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