I need them actual books in my hands

Thanks to NetGalley and HQN Books, I spent the better part of last week glued to the migraine [megrim!] – inducing monitor glares: Have been reading Anne Stuart‘s House of Rohans series — Ruthless, Reckless, and Breathless. I feel like I’ve been reintroduced to the genre. It’s been two months since I last read a romance novel, and it’s been too many months since I wrote about one. [I won’t even touch the Whys of that particular point. It’s all sad and muddled.]

And Stuart’s trilogy is as good a reintroduction as any. They’re damned good novels. The heroes are decidedly wicked, and all of them are asking to be reformed. It’s not the “Rawr, my lady, I’m a rake,” kind of thing — these heroes tread the line between alpha-yum and asshattery. And Stuart pulls it off — she’s placed the perfect heroines to stand alongside the men: Headstrong, distinct, rallying.

It was rich, it was glorious. The love stories are complex, the conflicts in each enough to have me gritting my teeth [usually at the hero’s direction], and the triumphs had me giggling and applauding, hunched as I was over the computer.

I’m doing a disservice to these wonderfully written books by flying through my praise, but man, I just cannot think straight enough. I blame the glares.

I have this odd relationship with e-books. I don’t own an e-reader, and I don’t think I ever will — can’t really afford it right now, and I might just go on not affording it, haha. And so what e-books I own are read on my computer. As theoretically seamless the transition could be between an .epub and a text window, my mind seems to go on hibernate even when I want to discuss the books. I just don’t work this way, I guess. I need a physical book in my hands. [Also, I have tried curling up on the bed with my laptop. It wasn’t pretty.]

This voice in my head keeps telling me it’s not a real book if I can’t touch it, haha. Yes. Sasha, the Unenlightened. Pleased to meet ya.

As soon as I can, kids, I’m getting myself physical copies of these books [I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, right?] — Plus, those covers are just gorgeous, and I want to reread this with minimal squint-age. And then I can write about these better, because I want to, because they’re good. Someday, someday. [Sorry, bloated BD wishlist.]

5 thoughts on “I need them actual books in my hands

  1. The thing is, ebooks aren’t really meant to be read on computers. That’s a notoriously hard way to read them. Ereaders use electronic ink which is much easier on the eye.

    Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll take to them, but reading them on a computer is a bit like reading a physical book while someone repeatedly pokes you with a stick, it’s not the best way to grow enamoured of the experience.

    1. I’m laughing and applauding at how you described the experience. Spot on! Oh, I know how convenient e-books can be — I give them that much; I’m a closet luddite, I’m suspecting — and I can imagine how much easier it’ll be if I stockpile my romance reads on an e-reader. But. No e-reader. Can’t afford one at the moment, and so I’m stuck to eye-poking in the meantime. Le sigh.

  2. I have a similar relationship with NetGalley… it just doesn’t seem as enjoyable on the screen and I am not the least bit interested in getting an e-reader at the moment, so I end up previewing the books and wait to get them in print to complete them. These look interesting and I do like a good, intelligent romance now and then…

    1. They really are quite good — gritty, angsty, romantic, sensual. The characters are memorable, distinct: I read the books one after the other, and I can still tell them apart, haha. I don’t feel the least guilty about using NetGalley for a preview feel. Maybe that’s one of their objectives? Whichever, I’m going to get myself a copy of these as soon as I can. Those covers sealed the deal, actually. :]


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