“. . . be a crowd unto yourself—”

[beautiful artwork by M. Lewandowski]

♦ “. . . it is not enough to withdraw from the mob, not enough to go to another place: we have to withdraw from such attributes of the mobs as are within us. It is our own self we have to isolate and take back into possession . . . We take our fetters with us; our freedom is not total: we still turn our gaze towards the things we have left behind; our imagination is full of them.”

♦ “We have a soul able to turn in on itself she can keep herself company; she has the wherewithal to attack, to defend, to receive and to give. Let us not fear that in such a solitude as that we shall be crouching in painful idleness: in solis sis tibi turba locis [in lonely places, be a crowd unto yourself].”

— From “On Solitude” by Michel de Montaigne.

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