April 2011 Reads

April has been a strange month for me, as some of you have noticed. Blogging was dismal, I only crawled toward the internet to look at pictures of baby bunnies, and basically suffered days of Ugh, what are you doing with your life. In fact, my note-taking, too, has suffered during this blog’s Existentialist Wasteland month—perhaps proof enough that the frills and offshoots of reading must give way, no matter how enjoyably purposeful, to the simple joyful hours of contentedly holding a book in one’s hands.

I have been reading. And really enjoying it, frills-free. So many good books this month, even though I admit that sometimes I wanted to smack my head with some of them because I couldn’t concentrate. [Hello, mental health!] I think one of the things I’m really pleased with this month is my return to the romance novel genre—just plain happiness in worlds wherein crinolines and fans and breeches and raging horses are the norm. Sigh. Anyhooey, here are the books I read this month, followed by the five blog posts I managed to squeak out to talk about them, however blabbery:

  1. The Uncommon Reader, by Alan Bennett.
  2. The Enchanted April, by Elizabeth von Armin.
  3. The Grand Design, by Stephen Hawking.
  4. The Dressmaker’s Child, by William Trevor.
  5. Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen.
  6. Vox, by Nicholson Baker.
  7. Why You Shouldn’t Eat Your Boogers, by Francesca Gould.
  8. The Care and Taming of a Rogue, by Suzanne Enoch.
  9. The Truth About Lord Stoneville, by Sabrina Jeffries.
  10. A Hellion in Her Bed, by Sabrina Jeffries.
  11. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady, by Sabrina Jeffries.
  12. The Summer Book, by Tove Jansson.
  13. Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading, by Maureen Corrigan.
  14. Lord of Scoundrels, by Loretta Chase.
  15. Les Liaisons dangereuses, by Choderlos de Laclos.
  16. Great House, by Nicole Krauss.
  17. Midsummer Moon, by Laura Kinsale.
  18. The Crimson Petal and the White, by Michel Faber.
  19. The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova.
  20. No Tomorrow, by Vivant Denon.

Flaky book thoughts can be found → #01 and #03 to #07 in “Hello, from the Glittery Land of Lazy Bloggers.” #13, #15 and #16 in Since I Last Saw You.” #08 to #11, #14, and #17 in “Reuniting with My Romance Novels.” #18 and #19 in “Commitment Issues.” #02, #12 and #20 in “Summer NYRBs.”

Here’s looking at you, May. I think I know what I am to do with you. Also, my fuzziest hugs to those of you who’ve stuck with me. <3

3 thoughts on “April 2011 Reads

  1. I loved The Crimson Petal and The White, which I haven’t heard of many bloggers reading. April was a rather dismal month for my reading as well. I’m looking forward to new adventures in May as you are!


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