Short Story Month 2011

A Public Service Announcement. Sort of. This is my third year celebrating [yes, celebrating] Short Story Month, organized by Dan Wickett of Emerging Writers Network. I am as excited as ever, not to mention eager to put some long-currently-reading books to rest. [A majority of the short story collections to be featured this May have been percolating and chilling out at my nightstand (read: the floor beside the bed) for quite some time now: Me, taking care to read at least one story a day. It’s all mostly been leading to May.]

A little apprehensive, too: I’ve always said that I loved short stories best—still do, yes, but I’ve come to realize that generally, short stories don’t always come as generously [in letting itself go] as novels do. I’ve noticed that I’m more attuned to the short form, more critical, more trained-by-college-and-workshops to really kick back and relax. That’s not really a bad thing—but one does have to take a chill pill sometimes. Wish me luck. We shall see where this goes.

For this year, owing to my heightened wariness in making any of this blog work-like, I wouldn’t be forcing myself to read just short fiction, if I have a hankering for novels or any other medium. Yes, there will be more coverage of the short story in the next couple of weeks, but I, for one, expect some book about, say, mandrakes creeping into the roster.

Everyone is, of course, welcome to join. Obviously, I’ve taken liberties: Just, ya know. Pick up a short story, if you are so inclined.

4 thoughts on “Short Story Month 2011

  1. If I weren’t so busy this month, I’d surely join in. But with BEA and a few other things, then I’m going to have to pass on the one a day thing. I really should read more short stories in general, though…

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