Reading Weekend

Just checking in before I get cracking on blogging duties. Also, excuse the apparent lack of imagination with the picture above [compared to those here]—just think, rightly, that I never left my bed, only turning over once in a while to get the cricks out of my joints.

So, yeah, that stack was what happened. The bottom three books were read the day before the Readathon [because I couldn’t help it]—mostly finishing up unread stories in collections. And then, and then, the Readathon books themselves: the Bauby memoir, the Eugenides extravaganza, and the Atwood social-statement-disquised-as-myth-retelling. Yes. And then, and then, I fell asleep with the de Botton right when the 19th hour tolled, but I went on reading, because it would’ve been Monday in a couple of hours, and y’all know how much I like to pretend that Monday won’t ever be coming. Aherm.

Yep. Just checking in. See ye soon, folks!

6 thoughts on “Reading Weekend

    1. I didn’t get to read the Barbery pa. Re the de Botton, right now, I think I really like On Love more, haha. That one had more heart, methinks.

  1. Looks like you had a great weekend. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on The Marriage Plot. I’ve started looking forward to your posts so much that I read your blog at work when I’m supposed to be, you know, working. LOL.


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