Cobwebs for Christmas

It’s Christmas, and so I thought I’d do this blog a well-earned kindness and shut it down. Heh. I kid. Revive it, more like. I hope.

The past several weeks were an unexpected—albeit not an unwelcome—hiatus. I haven’t had time [or, truthfully, the inclination] to read as much as I usually do, and so I sure as hell don’t have time to goddamned blog. Which is a pity, because back in November [see how long ago I’d fallen off?] I read some awesome books—off the top of my head: two romance novels by Courtney Milan, a lush belle epoch novel by Richard Mason. I would’ve wanted to blog about them, but, myeh. Life got in the way—plus, December rolled around, and I am suddenly an alcoholic.

I think I will let this blog rest some more. I’ll be back come January. I’ll manage to cram in posts on books read [not a lot, lately], a year-ender that I know will only be more-than-tedious for y’all by then, and a lot more shenanigans. I will revive this, I will. I think I can. Ugh. Yeah. I miss all of you. I miss my friends, I miss the community. I miss cackling with cackle-minded people over at Twitter. Eh, I can do this. It’s only a matter of time. I hope.

3 thoughts on “Cobwebs for Christmas

  1. Definitely not the only one, Sasha. Been feeling the same way myself. :/ I hope you’ll be able to find more time to read & blog in the new year. Definitely miss reading your posts!


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