book dump || You’ve Been A Very Very Bad Girl, Sasha – pt. 02

I told you I'd be back. So. The stack here's what I haven't read. Not yet. Rest assured that I will read them soon. Also, expect that a handful of books shall be added to this pile because, man, Friday is YaySalary Day, which is also [evilly enough] the first day of a Fully Booked sale. Augh. Or [...]

book dump || You’ve Been A Very Very Bad Girl, Sasha – pt. 01

These are the books I have, erm, acquired in the past two months--from a lot of different places, a lot of different people. I would like to thank The Boss Boss for hiring a young, upstart writer, and letting her have her wicked way with books. Aherm. It's difficult, but I do occasionally remind myself [...]

book dump || BookSale Spelunking v.03 + From Kael’s Bookshelves

La-dee-dah. Have completely thrown off my reading schedule with these beauties. First picture, from a BookSale—never knew that there was one right beside the hospital. Imagine my glee, imagine my Waaaah at realizing I could’ve found a place to traipse to when it all got to be too much. There’s still the future. Anyway: The [...]