Let Us Not Forget About Sadness: A Letter to Ben Greenman, A Week After Reading His Book

Dear Mr. Ben Greenman, Some books just hit me the right way. Your short story collection, What He’s Poised to Do, sure as hell did, and in my saner moments, I wonder if I should be embarrassed. I’m furious with love for your book, and a part of me wants to distance myself from this [...]

reading || “There’s not more, or at least not a more important job for fiction.” — Humanity’s central preoccupation, Ben Greenman, and AwesomeSauce

That up there [click picture to enlarge, you have to] is Bed (Oil on linen; 80x36 inches; 2003) by Alyssa Monks, who is now one of my favorite painters [though I can go on and on about certain realists who rely too much on technique and bah where was I?]. That up there is also [...]