Needs more “electric and hideous” — On How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers

Another review that has been stewing in me for quite some time, whether I want it to or not, bah. This time, it's overall Meh-ness that has been preventing me from putting this up. Oy, Dave Eggers, I've had my not-so-happy experiences with his stuff -- basically, I don't get him, [there's an Eggers clique, a memo [...]

Changing My Mind — Re Dave Eggers and Justin Taylor

Ah, expectations, you odd creature you. In the past week, I've read two authors I've had complicated relationships with, before actually reading them. And by actually reading them, complicated relationships got even more complicated. No, this isn't a metaphor for anything. Ahem. So. First: Dave Eggers. He's one of those writers I know by reputation, [...]