Letter to my nine-year-old self, on the occasion of my reread of Jude Deveraux’s The Duchess twelve years later

I. On a whim, I bought a brand-new edition of The Duchess by Jude Deveraux as a 21st birthday gift to myself. The copy you read—mass market paperback, scarlet, an embossed image of a portrait-ed brooch on the cover—has long gone. Somewhere. You haven't bothered to look. This book was our introduction to the romance [...]

Some choice certainties about good books, ineloquence in the face of said good books, and me having read — and still reading — some good books lately

Have reunited with Siri Hustvedt, and it feels so good. I'm running out of her novels to read [I have one left on my shelves], and I'm branching out to her nonfiction. Here's a passage, from "Being A Man," from her book of essays A Plea of Eros: As a reader of books, I'm convinced that [...]