01142013: A book pile to cleanse the palate

01142013: A book pile to cleanse the palate

I picked up The Drawing of the Three, the second book in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, because I wanted something hefty that would take me away from the bad juju flying around today. And so when Ronald wakes up at the beach (where The Gunslinger, first book, ended) and starts being eaten by the scariest, most ridiculous demon lobster in literary history—the man gets two fingers and a toe eaten, for fuck’s sake—I was thankful for someone to sympathize with, someone who made me think, “Well, he’s more fucked than you are, girl.” See, after being all, “I see serious problems ahead,” at page twenty, Ronald goes, “I jerk off left-handed, at least that’s something.” Yeah, let the Gunslinger remind you look for the bright side, Sasha. [Continue reading.]

01112013: With Salter, but mostly Ford

01112013: With Salter, but mostly Ford

I’m about seventy pages in at the moment; already Light Years feels like a bitter reminder of the literary preoccupations I had in college: When I was much younger and, thus, had more promise—when I could write what I wanted to write, and I did it well, I believed so hard that I did it well. James Salter feels now like something I idolized then. [Continue reading.]

November So Far

I’m sure that y’all know by now what an inherently exciting person I am—as evidenced by the past weeks of silence that involved not so much books as work shenanigans, playing a PC game, mourning the minutes of Downton Abbey, and—certainly a favorite—drooling on any horizontal surface at any and every available opportunity. I still [...]

Typhoon Reading

“When it comes to a good book, the good bits are always worth reading again.” – From The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton by Miranda Neville. I very much agree. No work yesterday on account of the rage of a typhoon. I mostly stayed in bed, huddled under a thin blanket, trying not to touch [...]

A prelude to my hysteria

So you wanted angst, huh, Sasha? You wanted heart-wrenching, you wanted overwrought, you wanted devastating; you wanted to witness a love so fierce your hands shook just by holding the book. Go to the watershed of historical fiction, then, considered by “authorities” and many a romance novel lover as one of the best the genre [...]

Not quite an archetype

A quick note about Not Quite a Lady, because, you know, that’s what I’m good for these days. Hah. Haaa. Aherm. Anyway, Loretta Chase’s novel is awesome. That’s a given here. And one of the things that make it awesome—aside from, hey, solidly written characters, their genuine motivations and vivid emotions—not to mention the rightness [...]

Perchance to giggle?

Because, sometimes, you go against your usual inclinations, if only to give your nerves a much-needed break. Julia Quinn’s Ten Things I Love About You isn’t necessarily a palate-cleanser—that’s too dismissive a description for something so vibrant and witty and fun. But it is affective and giggles-inducing, the latter quality I’ve missed of late. [Then [...]