Stuff I’ve Been Reading While I Disappeared from the Glittery World of the Intarwebz

It’s definitely an improvement: I’m guilty about abandoning this blog for fewer hours in a day. The usual excuses: Work’s been crazier than ever, I like sleeping, I like reading, I am lazy, blah and blah. Still, though, I owe it to my O.C. tendencies to kick-start this blog with a moratorium of the books [...]

General mutterings on prose, boredom, and credible love, or: Reuniting with my romance novels, v.02

My reunion with the romance novel has gotten the gears turning, and I’ve spent the past weeks since then devouring, acquiring, swooning over, and muttering about the genre—and here are three: General Muttering #01: Romance Novel Prose? Just recently, over at Tumblr, a “quiz” popped up on my dashboard—given the Royal Wedding hoopla, the writers [...]

Letter to my nine-year-old self, on the occasion of my reread of Jude Deveraux’s The Duchess twelve years later

I. On a whim, I bought a brand-new edition of The Duchess by Jude Deveraux as a 21st birthday gift to myself. The copy you read—mass market paperback, scarlet, an embossed image of a portrait-ed brooch on the cover—has long gone. Somewhere. You haven't bothered to look. This book was our introduction to the romance [...]

marginalia || The Highlander’s Sword, by Amanda Forester

Some days, I just really need my Highlander fix. Enter the début romance novel of Amanda Forester, The Highlander's Sword. And yes, there was immature giggling from this reader when I thought long and hard (harhar) about that title. Lady Aila Graham's dreams of a quiet life are shattered when her hand and fortune are pledged in [...]