Reading It Happened One Season, aka Another proof that I really do like historical romance better

Yes, yes, yes, I know I’ve already grumbled about the odd creature that is the romance novella. My main beef is the length, obviously—how difficult it already is to establish a credible romance worthy of its Happily Ever After in a full-length novel, what more in a breathless rush. I’ve grown privy with the methods [...]

General mutterings on prose, boredom, and credible love, or: Reuniting with my romance novels, v.02

My reunion with the romance novel has gotten the gears turning, and I’ve spent the past weeks since then devouring, acquiring, swooning over, and muttering about the genre—and here are three: General Muttering #01: Romance Novel Prose? Just recently, over at Tumblr, a “quiz” popped up on my dashboard—given the Royal Wedding hoopla, the writers [...]